Classroom Google Earth Wiki from Tom Barrett in the UK
I would like this space to be somewhere that allows students, teachers and other colleagues to share classroom based resources and ideas for Google Earth.

Google Earth Community: Central portal to find millions of Google Earth files and placemarks.

Google Earth Blog
"This blog is not affiliated with Google. It is dedicated to the amazing things the Google Earth application is bringing to the world. This blog isn't just about the application, but the things you can learn about or do with the application. Google Earth in many ways represents a new paradigm in exploring information. When I first saw Google Earth I had the same feeling I had when Mosaic (the first real graphical web browser) was released in 1993. All sorts of amazing things are going to happen because of Google Earth. And, amazing things have already happened (just read this blog to see some of them). More amazing things are yet to come. My intent is to provide content which will be interesting to both new and experienced users of Google Earth. There may be technical jargon, but I will try to explain or reference any such jargon to keep it understandable to the average user of Google Earth. Please write me if you think you have interesting material to share with others."

The Good Earth from Edutopia (article)

Google Maps Mania:
"With the 2006/2007 school year nearly upon us across the northern hemisphere educators everywhere are getting their classrooms ready and fine tuning curriculum. Google Maps (and mashups) are free, interactive educational tools that allow students to easily learn more about the world they live in. If you're looking for ideas, here is a collection of links that will give you ideas and show you how Google Maps and Earth is being used at the school level. Parents could even use these ideas with their children at home as well. "

A blog devoted to mapping (from Google Earth to Yahoo! Maps).

Google Earth Lessons:
" - A Free Public Resource - Providing Teachers with the tools needed to enhance their instruction using Google Earth®, the free program that brings the world to the classroom! A Website By and For Teachers."

Educational Uses of Google Maps from Teaching Mr. Belshaw in the UK.

20 Ideas: Using Google Earth to develop spatial and locational awareness from Teaching Mr. Belshaw in the UK.

Where are we today? A great Google Earth lesson idea from Tom Barrett in the UK