Podcasting Resources:

What is Podcasting? Wikipedia Definition
"A podcast is a method of distributing multimedia files, usually (but not limited to) audio in the MP3 format, over the Internet to subscribers. Anybody can be a subscriber — all you need is the proper software to receive the subscription, just like you need a mailbox to receive your magazine subscriptions."
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Why Podcasting? Research into benefits of podcasting

What does Podcasting look like?

Podcast Directory
"This education podcast database has been constructed and is maintained by David Noble, a teacher of pupils with additional support needs in Fife, Scotland. David was exposed to the possibilities of using Web 2.0 (Social Software) technologies through the work of Ewan McIntosh, and Dave and Jeff at EdTechTalk. He has been a teacher since 1996."

How do I Start Podcasting?

Podcasting Ideas:
20 Ideas: Podcasting your lessons/revision materials from Teaching Mr. Belshaw in the UK
"Podcasting is basically delivering an audio file via an RSS (web) feed. The producer of the content posts it to a website whereupon ’subscribers’ to the podcast are notified that there is a new program available. In many podcast-enabled programs (including iTunes) these audio files can be set to be downloaded and synchronised with a mobile device automatically. This makes podcasts a perfect format for educators. But audio files are not the only types of files that can be delivered via an RSS feed, as I hope to explore below…"

Where in the World from KidCast
"This podcast is a global podcasting geography quiz that is being collectively produced by students all over the world. Students and classes from all over are recording podcast episodes that describe their communities without giving away its name or exact location. Listeners can use geography and deduction skills to use the clues and discover the exact location. An email is given at the end of every posting, so you can email them with your guess. If you guess correctly, you'll get a postcard back from the producers!"

Our City Podcast
Our City Podcast is an audio program for kids and by kids. Students from around the globe are invited to submit a recording all about the city they live in (with the help of their teachers or parents).