On this page you will find resources related to integrating technology into science

  • Froguts.com - This site allows you to virtually dissect a frog.
  • Science WebQuests - An extensive list compiled by the Saskatoon School District
  • [[http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/fire/simulation.html#|Fire Wars]] - "Can you fight fire with fire? The brave men and women who work to stop forest fires do just that, and this simulation shows how it's done. It allows the user to decide where to put a fire break and a backfire in order to save a house that's about to be engulfed in flames."

Astronomy Resources:
  • Virtual Middle School Library: Science - lots of great links to support middle school science topics
  • Google Kids & Teens Directory on Science & Astronomy - directory based links from Google on Astronomy for students
  • The Sun, the Earth and the Moon - Greenwich Public Schools WebQuest on astronomy
  • Astronomy Lesson Plan links - extensive list of links
  • Astronomy WebQuests - extensive list of links to astronomy-based webquests
  • MIT After School Astronomy Project - "ASAP is intended to build the capacity of after-school organizations to deliver innovative, science-based out-of-school programming to urban youth by providing training on the ASAP curriculum for after-school professionals and providers in the Boston area. ASAP is based on learning astronomy as a way to promote an understanding of science as inquiry and to develop youth computer skills. ASAP makes use of a ten-week modular curriculum consisting of a combination of hands-on classroom activities and of explorations of the night sky using MicroObservatory. Through MicroObservatory, youth gain access to a network of educational telescopes (controlled via the Internet), software analysis tools and an online community of users."